SUPERHORRORCASTLELAND is so cinematic that it feels like something you watch - on an old black and white TV in a motel room with a mysterious stain on the wall - as much as listen to. Its mix of big, messy, organic Muse-like rock riffs sticthed together with old-school sci-fi synth and sharp-edged lyrics makes it a Frankenstein's monster of an album.




Ghost & Goblin is a two-piece alternative band based out of New York, NY. High school friends Nicholas DiMichele (Keyboard, Guitar, Vocals) and Spencer Synwolt (Drums, Percussion, Samples) formed Ghost & Goblin in 2012 following the break up of their first band, The Kobolds.
While The Kobolds were a more straight-laced, funk-rock outfit, DiMichele and Synwolt wanted to take their music in a more experimental and theatrical direction. Abandoning the typical precision found in electronic music, the duo sought to produce raw, cinematic synthscapes from
their basement in Astoria, Queens. Their first two months as a band were spent learning and experimenting with drums and synths, drawing influence from old, spooky Halloween soundtracks and retro arcade games. This culminated in their demo EP ‘New Experiments/Old Machine’
in early 2012, followed by their debut LP, SUPERHORRORCASTLELAND, in 2013. Ghost & Goblin is a member of the Bear Republic, Republic of Bears record collective in Brooklyn. They toured to SXSW in Austin in 2012, and in the summer of 2013 to promote the release of SUPERHORRORCASTLELAND.

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